The SUMOsp 1.0 has been updated into 2.0 version. And this website is hosted for the old version of SUMOsp 1.0. We recommend that users could use our newly-developed service of SUMOsp 2.0.

In SUMOsp, we firstly manually curated from the scientific literature and get 239 experiment-verified sumoylation sites. Then we apply two available strategies, GPS (Server) and MotifX (Server), on this data set. The final prediction system, SUMOsp, is based on "GPS or MotifX", and it shows satisfying sensitivity (83.68%) and specificity (93.08%) with the default cut-off score 18 by the Jack-Knife validation. The SUMOsp 1.0 old version is freely accessed from: http://sumosp.biocuckoo.org/1.0/.

For publication of results, please cite the following article:

1. SUMOsp: a web server for sumoylation site prediction.
  Yu Xue, Fengfeng Zhou, Chuanhai Fu, Ying Xu, and Xuebiao Yao.
Nucl Acids Res 34: W254-W257, 2006.

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